The Complete Solution:


People only have to fill out a profile once.They can use the same info in multiple communities.

A Social Payment Experience

Paying for events and classes such as booking a room and equipment, set up recurring membership subscriptions and so forth - Support local businesses within the Jewish community.

People Connect

By shared interests and experiences
 (e.g. RAJE Israel trip Summer 2012)

Group Discounts & Local Merchants

Restaurants, lounges, bowling alleys, local instructors who teach classes, group rides, trips and experiences - get group discounts on all businesses.

People Go Out

By surfacing plans and taking care of the logistics,
 the app makes it easy to meet up for activities anytime.

Group Reservations At Local Businesses

Business gets more customers. People save money. Everyone’s happy.

With & Without Hebrews App - A Quick Comparison

Organise large events

People are busy that day


Post events on Facebook

Lost among other posts


Send out emails

Feels kind of like spam


Collect payments for events

Enter information every time


Recruit new members

Recruiters are expensive


Make them fill out forms

Tedious and manual entry


Use Spreadsheets

Copy -pasting a lot


Generate reports for donors

Hard to collect exact data

Organise large events

People get together on their own.


Post events on Facebook

Invite each other to events.


Send out emails

Add them to their calendars.


Collect payments for events

Pay through app, one tap.


Recruit new members

Members invite guests.


Make them fill out forms

Interactive onboarding.


Use Spreadsheets

Maintain up-to-date profile.


Generate reports for donors

Available for staff anytime.

Organizations are doing it the old fashioned way.

Companies organise events – People are busy that day. Events posted

on Facebook get lost among other posts. Emails are sent out, only to

get lost in spam. Collecting payments for events require customers to

re-enter their information every time, the list goes on.

Here’s the plan.

The average organization we meet gets only around 2% of email recipients to attend their events or donate – We’re going to solve that. With the Hebrews app, users will get together on their own accord, add events to their personal calendars, pay for services through the app itself – with one tap, interact with their social circle and raise donations for actually interested parties!



The Hebrews App will enable one click payments for services you purchase from other Jewish-owned businesses, the idea here is to create an ecosystem which benefits the community itself.


Social gamification deployed in the app will help encourage peers to increase their interactions, engagements on posts & keeping their profile up to date.


The Hebrews app follows a clean & simple design philosophy, with a focus on quick profile creation, interaction, payments & community rallying. We will regularly push UI/UX improvements throughout the app's life cycle, but the focus will always be on ease of use & peer interaction.

Taking a closer look at the Hebrews App

The Hebrews App has a clean, easy to navigate user interface, with more updates on the way. The flow is simple, effective and quick, helping users sign up, engage, buy and inform.

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The Business Model

The Hebrews App ties individuals, groups, businesses & communities in a mutually beneficial circle.

A more social payment experience

Paying for events and classes
• Booking a room and equipment
• Set up recurring membership subscriptions & more...

Group discounts at local merchants

Restaurants, lounges, bowling alleys, local instructors who teach classes, group rides, trips and experiences.

Group reservations at local businesses

Business gets more customers. People save money. Everyone’s happy.

Communities invite businesses

... to offer group discounts for their members!
• Hebrews App takes care of on-boarding business owners
• Our company splits its revenue with community
• Communities gets $ whenever members go out
• Big incentive to be the first to onboard a business

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